BOOM! Redcon1 is bringing the Boom with this epic testosterone booster. Redcon1 are well known for brining out hardcore supplements with big dosages that yield great results, and it’s safe to say that Boom Stick is no exception. In fact, Boom Stick was ranked as the #3 testosterone booster for 2020 in our official list! Click here to read the full list

If you are new to Redcon1, you need to get out more! This is one of the fastest growing supplement companies on the planet, after forming back in 2016 Redcon1 has gone from strength to strength delivering high quality supplements in every category they enter.

What does Boom Stick do?

If you are searching for a testosterone supplement that will skyrocket your gains in the gym, this is the product for you. Boom Stick combines a complex range of ingredients that all act synergistically to deliver great results.

In addition to this, Boom Stick features some very potent ingredients for male libido and sec drive. This means that if you are searching for a supplement that will not only deliver great results in the gym, but also in the bedroom, this is the supplement for you.

What are the key benefits of this product?

You can see the key benefits of this supplement below.

What are the standout ingredients?

Boom Stick is a very comprehensive male testosterone support formula. Each serving contains huge dosages of beneficial ingredients. You can read the standout ingredients, and their benefits below:

Ashwaganda Root Extract: This is a powerful compound which helps reduce the stress hormone cortisol, and boost male fertility.

Fenugreek: Fenugreek is well known for it’s ability to promote free testosterone levels.

Tribulus Terrestis: Helps support a healthy libido and overall sense of wellbeing.

D-Aspartic Acid: This is a popular natural testosterone boosting ingredient that helps stimulate LH hormones in men.

Who is Boom Stick for?

Boom Stick is a serious test booster. While this product does have some great ingredients for libido, we think that males who are practicing resistance training will notice the best results from this product, as the ingredients are primarily muscle building focused.

In saying that, Boom Stick is perfectly suited for all males aged 18+.


Where can I buy Boom Stick?

Currently there are numerous outlets you can buy Boom Stick from. However we have found their best pricing is on Amazon. You can click below to purchase this product through Amazon today.

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