ATP Science Licorice Super Booster Tea Now Available in Australia!

The team ATP have done it again, releasing ATP Science Licorice Super Booster Tea to their already outstanding product lineup recently. This is one of a string of new supplements on the horizon from this Australian naturopathic company.

This super booster tea has been released for ATP to gain its way into the popular fitness tea market, and we for one are glad they have. For too long ‘weight loss & detox” teas have been marketed in Australia, all while boasting next to no real benefits. So we were thrilled when we heard that ATP Science were bring a fitness/health tea to market, for the sole reason that we knew it would work.

What Is This Super Booster Tea

This tea is designed to be a supercharged instant tea product, providing a refreshing yet powerful combination of Licorice root and Reishi mushrooms, two highly respected plants that have a wide range of benefits to your body and immune health.

What Are The Ingredients

Each serving contains a combination of Licorice root (200mg), Reishi mushroom, Rosella flower and Cinnamon bark.

Why Instant Tea?

A few of you may be wondering, why instant tea? Why not make a tea with the leaves, stems and roots of plants?

The answer to this is simple, Instant Tea allows ATP Science to achieve a consistency among the ingredients. When using whole ingredients such as leaves, it can be very difficult to ensure that each serving has the same amount of the important ingredients. So hence creating the tea in ‘instant’ form makes dosing ingredients a lot easier.

In addition to that, instant tea also means that the product will keep for longer, and will be easier to consumer for the end user, simple add hot water and your set!

Licorice Tea Comparison

So you may be asking, how is this licorice tea different from all of the others on the market? Well, for starters it’s from ATP Science, and we know they pride quality over everything. But there are also some other aspects that you can see in our table below

Who Is ATP Science Licorice For?

This supplement has been specifically designed for those looking to boost both their immune health and general health. Although we genuinely believe that just about anyone would benefit from taking this product.


Product Summary

Overall, ATP Science Licorice Super Booster Tea looks like a very well put together formula. Its ingredient list is simple, but at the same time is very effective at achieving it’s desired goal of improving general health and immune health.
Overall, if you are a tea drinker and a fan of ATP Science, we would 100% recommend you try out this product.

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